Friday, 4 December 2015

Dear Santa! The High and the Low Wish Lists.

Just in case things are a bit tight at The North Pole my letter comes in two versions. Better be safe than sorry, right?
Kids do not need much encouragement to write their letters. My daughter started thinking of what she wants is late September! Talk about being keen!
I wish adults wrote theirs as well, don’t you? (Especially the low budget option). Santa’s work would have been much, much easier than.

1. This red heart just screams Christmas, $249.00 CAD
2. For years I wanted SMEG fridge, I will settle for a kettle $159.00 CAD
3. Wireless USB – now this is progress –price varies depending on memory, 128 GB around $100. 00 CAD
4. Finally a dryer that helps reduce frizz with an attachment for curly hair! $213.00 CAD
5. Cannot get enough of this fragrance $ 150.00 CAD and up
6. Very elegant and understated, just the way I like it. $1995.00 CAD
7. DKNY Red Leather Tote would make dreary winter much brighter $179.00 USD
8.  You can make all the fancy coffees in the world, there is a burr grinder built in and most importantly this machine CLEANS ITSELF –no more work! This one feature makes it worth the price.

9. You will have these for life. Peugeot Salt and Pepper wood grinders $90.00 to 150.00 CAD depending on the size

1. I met Agie at a craft show. She offers great selection of good quality silver jewelry that you can have personalized. She has an online store as well. This Erin bracelet is $52.00CAD
2.  I love this Metalic Red Kettle from Betty Crocker $49.99 CAD
3. This Minion USB makes great stocking stuffer for both adults and kids $19.99 CAD
4. You do not need high heat to quickly dry your hair. This one prevents damage! Coolway Go Pro Dryer $ 89.99 CAD
5.  Euphoria Blossom - Calvin Klein 30ml $45.00
6. So Chic, Jeannie Lottie GEORGIA $128.00
7.  Gold and black necklace $995.00 CAD
8. No frills, powerful at 15 bars, espresso machine $300. 00 CAD
9. Cole & Mason ‘Morley Crank’ Salt & Pepper Mill Set $34.99 CAD each

This is not a sponsored post, the items that made it on the list are either things that I have and enjoy or would really like to get.  (Are you listening Santa?)

I hope you enjoyed my picks. What would you like to get this year?

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