Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year’s Resolutions

I do not make any, just to make my life simpler. When the time is right and I really want to do something and make changes I go for it. Otherwise it is just setting myself for failure. At this time of the year I could lose a couple of pounds but that does not mean I am signing up at the gym only to forgo it in 2 months’ time. That is how long most new gym memberships last.

I am not saying do not make resolutions. By all means DO but be realistic and specific.

I have always said that (if I made them), my resolutions would start in February; once I have eaten all the holiday goodies. See, that is realistic approach.

New Year is upon us, and in some places it already is 2016!!! 

I hope it will bring you all lots of happiness and opportunities for fulfillment!

Do you make resolutions and keep them? 

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