Thursday, 22 October 2015

 6 Healthy Treat Ideas for Halloween 

As we approach Halloween I am afraid to even start thinking of all the candy that we are going to end up with. I know it is a part of tradition but trying to control the amount of sweets that my kids will eat over the next two months (this is how long it usually takes, after we get rid of the unwanted stuff!!!) gets tough at times 
I am also guilty of sneaking away a chocolate or two or three, just so there is less for them of course.

After Halloween, my kid’s birthdays and Christmas come unwanted pounds and the terrible habit of having a sweet every day.

This year we are staying home and I have decided that at least at my place there will be less candy being handed out.  
Study from Yale University shows that children enjoy receiving toys as much as candies.

Here is what I came up with:
  1. Drinks: small bottles of water (some years a bottle of water was truly the best thing for thirsty Trick or Treaters) . Print some Halloween themed labels. 
  2. Healthy snacks: dried fruit or mixed nuts packets, cheese sticks, small bags of popcorn
  3. Party items: Glow sticks, party whistles, bubbles
  4. School supplies: pencils and erasers, Play Dough, mini crayon sets, rubber stamps
  5. Halloween accessories: eye patches, vampire teeth, fake eyeballs, temporary tattoos
  6. For small business owners – you can attach your business card with a discount coupon.

You can download labels here

 What do you usually hand out? 


  1. Great ideas. I wish everyone would read this post! I liked it so much that I mentioned it (with link) in one of my posts :)

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post.
      Let's hope that this year there will be less candy to tempt us.