Sunday, 29 November 2015

5 Easy Advent Calendars

For many years the only advent calendar in our household was of a chocolate variety. Last year I bought a Lego version. It was fun to pull out those tiny blocks and build a winter scene.

This year I have decided to do something different. Each day will have an activity like going out for hot chocolate or making an ornament ,or other activity coupon.... there may be a cookie in it too.
For little kids you can take play set or a wooden train set apart or divide small puzzle, use mini figures Lego, action figures,  put in money, hair clips or mini cars, the possibilities are endless.

As for calendar design I am utilizing my freshly made blackboard (formerly a dresser mirror). I will add a photo later since I wanted to post this before December 1 and I am not finished putting the calendar together yet.

I have found many ideas that I liked but blackboard one seemed like the easiest for me.

Have a look at some other very creative advent calendars.

This one requires a bit of work but I love the fact that it is free standing

Free printable calendar

Clothespin Advent Calendar that can be made in minutes.

it is from Sunday In Bed

Paper Bag Calendar

And my favorite one:

Muffin pan calendar

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