Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tips on how to enjoy the food and stay slim this holiday season.

With all the holiday parties, gifts of sweets and at home baking I can already fill the tightening of my clothes. Perhaps I should find some with more spandex in them?

It does not have to be that way, which, unfortunately, means practicing self-restraint. I just wish it came in a pill. Don't you?
Developing self-restraint on my own is quite challenging.

When I think of all the work that I need to put in every year into losing the extra weight and getting the energy back I have decided I'd rather to skip a cookie or two or five. 
If you have a sweet tooth you know how it goes.

So this is how I am approaching this year’s celebrations.
  1. Do not go hungry to the party. Do not skip lunch and bring a healthy snack if going straight from work.
  2. Stay away from eggnog – at 380 cal it is a caloric bomb. A glass of white wine in 100 calories. Much better choice.
  3. Drink a lot of water with lemon. It keeps you hydrated, fills up and lemon helps with detoxing.
  4. Practice self-restraint – cut portions by 30 %. It is not huge difference per serving but at the end of the night you will feel much lighter. It also stops you from mindless eating.
  5. The day after party – start with green smoothie – to cleanse and energize.
  6. Keep the meals light outside of parties.

Seems like a reasonable plan. What do you think?  

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