Sunday, 31 May 2015


95% of weight loss programs fail in long term. Once we achieve the desired weight we  are faced with a dilemma. Keep limiting ourselves and not enjoy food or risk going back to the old ways. Hence the well known yo-yo effect.  Why people fail with sticking to the program? I think most are too limiting.  We can only eat certain foods, have to constantly count the calories or rely on prepared foods of questionable taste. If it was so delicious why would we go back to eating fries or pizza?Weight loss diets are designed for fast results rather than create lifestyle changes.
We all want quick working solution but how are we going to maintain our new, slim figures?

I believe that learning about foods and our bodies and applying this knowledge and common sense will bring long lasting results.

Once you realize the need to change your eating habits you will be able to avoid foods that are processed and seek out fresh, simple ingredients.

Why are processed food bad for us? During processing many compounds are removed or destroyed. Final product is often enriched by adding back vitamins and minerals.  Processed food does not contain fibre, enzymes and has very little nutrients. Even though fibre has no nutritional value it is essential for maintaining healthy colon and prevents sudden sugar spikes. Processed food contains artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives.  They are usually high in fat, salt and refined sugar. All of which are highly addictive.

Did you know that sugar taps into the same part of the brain that creates pleasure response? The pleasure centre releases endorphins reducing feeling of stress. So it is only natural for us to desire foods that make us feel better on emotional level.

To find a way to healthy eating we need to retrain our taste buds from sweet or salty only, to more savoury flavors. It is going to take some getting used to. After all the taste that we acquire as children carries into adulthood. 

After I moved to Canada I experienced a bit of a culinary shock. I could not believe that mustard or beer could be sweet. And candy bars were beyond sweet.

The key to balanced diet is avoidance of junk food, eating smaller portions and eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. If weight loss is a goal, surprisingly, by eating healthy the weight usually drops. When you consume less calories than you spend it is a given.

I am sure you know it all as I have know it. Yet it was of no help to me. I felt completely lost as to how to effectively apply this knowledge and start feeling and looking better. While enjoying my meals too.

I found a way! Do not worry, I will share my experience with you.

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