Monday, 25 May 2015


What does it mean exactly?

Oxford dictionary defines it as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” But there is another meaning: “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.” The latter one seems to be what we use a lot these days.

Since I am generally healthy and love to eat, I am a proponent of balanced meals that do not exclude specific food groups. I realize that some may be less desirable than others, so I work on limiting those. Lately I have tried to focus on the source of food as much as on the food item itself.

I never understood the sense of keeping food journals until I tried it. All of the sudden it turned out that I did not eat nearly as much fruit or fresh vegetables as I thought.
I consumed too many starches and sugars. How I like my sugars! I am not ready to give it up completely, and as long as dessert is just a dessert, not a meal substitute, I think I will be just fine.
The key to being successful is mental focus.  Think of what you want to achieve, make a plan, and execute. Be realistic. Recognize what works for you. (I am one step at a time person).
Believe that you can do it.

Very important element in successful diet change is support from your family and friends. If you are the only one willing to get healthier that means that you have a big fight ahead of you. You will fight with yourself and outside influence as well.

When you eat well, your body will have more energy to function properly rather that spend it all on digestion. Even if you did not plan on losing weight, you may anyway, as the input has changed, your digestive tract works efficiently. You will feel and look better.

A very important element in diet is not only WHAT but HOW MUCH we eat. Ever been to a buffet? I am amazed by the amount of food on people’s plates. Do we really need to eat that much? No. But that is the society we live in. OVERSIZED.

If you feel that you pile your plate too high, use smaller one. Visually you still have heaping plate, but smaller portion.

These days we do not eat only for nourishment. Eating became social thing, we eat when under stress. We seek comfort in food. Eating whole container of ice cream feels good until all this sugar makes us tired with breakouts and the reason why we were stressed REMAINS.
Cooking simple, tasty dishes does not require a lot of skill or time. It can be easily achieved with good planning and a bit of practice.
Add a walk or two and you will be on your way to healthy lifestyle. 
And forger a DIET as a restrictive plan that you can not wait to abandon.

In my next post: “Why weight loss programs fail in the long term”

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