Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beauty comes from within.

Or at least I hope so.

What we eat is very important, but what I did not know is that we may be eating well and still not getting full nutritional benefits. How is it possible? Absorption.

Nutrients from the food are absorbed into our blood stream by villi that line inside walls of small intestine. If the intestine gets clogged with undigested food waste than the vitamins and nutrients pass by without being fully utilized. A good bacterium that helps with digestion gets killed off. 
Foods that contain additives, refined sugar, cow’s milk and white flour are among those causing clogging. All this accumulated matter helps with yeast growth. Since yeast needs sugar to thrive, it tells body to provide more of it. We develop cravings to feed the yeast.

Until the intestines get clean the absorption process is limited.  Simple elimination process is not enough. 

Yeast overgrowth – Candidiasis – may result in tiredness, poor digestion, gassiness, heartburn, sugar cravings, frequent headaches, vaginal infections, dizziness, poor memory, hay fever, habitual coughing, catching colds easily, skin rash, psoriasis, athlete’s foot.

I remember the first time I did a cleanse. The results were amazing. My energy levels increased. No more “foggy” brain. I was able to focus and did not suffer the late afternoon crashes, when I could barely stay awake.
That was when my days started with a cup of coffee and a muffin. Store bought. No bran.

I have made small adjustments like not eating muffins or doughnuts for breakfast, reduced my sugar in coffee, incorporated more greens in my diet. It does not look like a huge difference but it felt like it when I was struggling to change my morning sugary routine.

After a few weeks I have noticed that my craving subsided. Before the cleanse I would eat anything as long as it was sweet. Afterwards, I could control myself and leave sugar cubes alone.

Make no mistake, you are not going to feel great for long if you go back to your old eating habits. 

To keep on feeling and looking great there needs to be a lifestyle change. Doing a cleanse was a first step to feeling energized and light. 

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