Thursday, 7 May 2015

Change. Part Two

At around the same time as we were facing dietary challenges, my daughter developed severe skin irritation that just would not get better. Ointments with steroids for a young child did not make me happy. So we used them only when necessary.  Finding cause is one thing but temporary relief was of paramount importance. 
Reading labels on products, not understanding what the ingredients are, not knowing what they do and if they are potentially harmful was extremely stressful. Learning takes time, time that I did not have. This long process thankfully brought desired effect in finding an ingredient that was causing the problem.
Once again the curiosity to find out more was ignited. Why do we poison our bodies for no reason?

I do not wish for anyone to have to go through their loved ones illness to prompt them to make change. I guess, I needed such big push to get going.

One day I look to replace a fruit, next eliminate harsh chemicals and on the third I work on a personal improvement. One thing leads to another.

The first step was the most difficult.  Now the change is ON.

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