Friday, 4 September 2015

My Top Back to School Picks

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How is your shopping going?

We do not really do much beyond replacing what was used up or got broken. I have enough pencils, paper and binders to last a lifetime! 

This year we need pencil case(s)! and some small items like crayons and erasers. Since my daughter's school has a dress code, clothes are easy part of back to school shopping.

Here are some fun things I found that I would like to buy:

These seem to be all the rage this year:

Great space saving lunch boxes:

 Mini Crockpot, may not be perfect for a young child but I am sure an older one could manage.

I am not very creative when it comes to writing so those labels are great solution.

There is no going to school without backpack of course. I like them sturdy, with wide straps and well fitting. Kids do not agree and always try to get the "it" thing. In my daughter's school "Jansport" is a very popular brand. For the longest time I thought that kids were given those backpacks for free, since more than 50% seemed to carry them. Silly me! They actually are much better than I expected and come in many colors.

Well, I better go and set up my alarm clock for bright and early or it will not be a good start on Tuesday.


  1. Love the lunch box. Do you know where I could purchase one like this one?

  2. The lunchbox is from Kitchen Stuff. It comes in a variety of colors too.