Monday, 23 November 2015

6  Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I must admit that my table is usually set at light speed and not much beyond variety of candle holders and fresh bouquet of flowers goes on it. Or should I say that the table is too small for both the food, plates and elaborate decorations so I do not think much about setting it?

I do admire what others do with their tables. Here are a few decorating ideas that really caught my eye.

This simple idea would work long after Thanksgiving. Don’t you think?

 Not too complicated. I could pull it off.

White pumpkins seem to be “IT” thing in decorating.

 Very Old World – I love it.

The outdoor setting. We were so lucky this year with temperatures high enough to actually eat outside. First time in 20 years. Another reason to be thankful.

My very own table setting.

Almost “all white”? Why not. I like this fresh look.

I like the idea of having a buffet style dinner.

How is your table going to look like?


  1. Love the all-white look! It looks so fresh and modern :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Not something I would immediately think of for Thansgiving but it could totaly work. Thank you for your comment Paula