Friday, 19 June 2015

Up in Smoke

My recent love of all things blended meant a fiery and smoky death of my blender of 12 years. Poor thing could not keep up with the demand for smoothies. So now I am in a bit of a bind, as I do not really know what to look for in a blender. The one that everyone raves about is not in my budget and I really must find a replacement fast.

I guess green smoothie is not going to happen today.

For fruit smoothies we mostly use Magic Bullet as it gives us the flexibility of making fruit mixes depending on individual tastes and the small cups are great to grab on the way out in the morning. Unfortunately it does not work for the green smoothies.
I would really like to get machine that is strong enough to blend frozen fruit like mango. My old one managed to crush ice but for some reason the fruit was always in big chunks. Strange.
I am off blender researching.

What blender do you use? 

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