Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I wish. 

I feel like a passenger on board of the Pendolino. Life is passing by and I do not know how to slow down or get off to enjoy it more.
Constantly rushing between work, chores and activities. Same thing over and over with occasional curve ball.  Planning for the future, but not really living in the present.
Always wishing to do things, postponing forever. Wishing to have everything done and be able to sit down and relax.
The problem is that mom’s work is never done.

Something needs to change.

Realization that I need to make changes did not happen overnight.
For years I questioned how is it, that an organized and efficient person never sees the end of her “To Do” list. The fact that I add two items for every one that is crossed out, surely could not matter.

I have cut down on kids activities, so they would get more time to rest and play and be able to do their homework earlier than 8 pm.
Still, we kept rushing. Everyone in different direction. How do I rein it in and remain sane?

Things shifted when we encountered some health problems that required research and initiative on our part, on top of the help from the medical doctors.
The process of researching helped channel my energy and develop deeper interest in learning about healthy living.

Once again, projects had to be postponed. This time, for a good reason.

The wishing became wanting, and that in turn became CHANGE.

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