Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to Make a Lavender Wand. Tutorial 

Fusettes de lavande are widely available in Provance, France. I hope that one day I will make it there. For now I am happy to make my own lavender wands. Until a couple years ago I had a garden with some mature lavender plants. Every year I would cut bunches of lavender flowers to be dried and later used them to stuff small linen bags to keep in the closets.
I have never attempted making a wand, even though I have seen countless tutorials. Finally last year I went to a Lavender Festival on one of the farms in the area and got my chance at making the wand.
I absolutely loved it. It was very rewarding and calming activity. Too bad I cannot grow the lavender in my current place and have not been successful in wintering the plants indoors. Oh, well I will figure something out. For now, I can look at the pictures so I do not forget how to make the wands.

What you need:
33 freshly cut lavender flowers – the longer the stem, the longer your wand will be
About 1 meter (3.5”) of narrow satin ribbon.

Bunch your lavender in such a way that the lowest part of the flowers is aligned. Tie the bunch with one end of the ribbon

Flip the bunch upside down and gently bend down the stems. If your flowers are not fresh, the stems will be too dry and brittle for this step.

Grab the ribbon and start weaving over and under every 3 stems. The first row will be most difficult as the stems hide underneath each other and it is easy to miss one. Very frustrating when you get to the end of the row and you have a stem left over.

Be patient and try to weave as tightly as you can. Once you get to the bottom of the part that has flowers inside, wrap the ribbon a few times around the stems and tie.

Voila! Now you have your very own lavender wand.

Keep it in a shaded spot for a couple of days. After that time the lavender will shrink a bit as it dries and the ribbon will be a bit loose. You can tighten the bottom part a little bit.

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