Sunday, 16 August 2015

Summer is for travelling. Things that I will not leave home without.

Are you a seasoned traveler?
I do not travel a whole lot but often to the same type of destination so packing is a breeze. 

Every now and again I face a challenge when I have to decide between style and comfort. 

Especially when travelling with children I need clothes that resist stains, wrinkling and loving hands that touch everything within reach. Good news is that kids do get older and hopefully spill drinks exclusively on themselves. 

Until I learn how to have both comfort and a style, here are some of my travel must haves in my hand luggage:

Outlet Adapter – I like to use world adapter. This way I do not have to guess which one to take. One less thing to worry about and can plug in anytime I want. If you pack it in than, well... you have to wait.

Wet wipes rather than hand sanitizer so the dirt gets wiped off instead of being smeared around.

Pashmina shawl

Socks or a pair of espadrille – In the summer I put socks on and kick off sandals for better circulation or bring a pair of espadrilles to change into while flying in cooler seasons. It is all about comfort!

Headphones and an adapter as different airlines have different plugs

Magazine or a book that I do not mind leaving behind

Liquid melatonin to help with jet lag


Hand cream and lip gloss! Do not leave the house with out it:))

oh... and an extra top in the event I end up wearing lunch.

I also carry a small purse with anti theft features, for documents and money. Are you familiar with them? 

Bon Voyage!

What is your "a must have" when traveling?

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