Tuesday, 26 January 2016

5 Late Night Snacks - The Healthy Way.

Are you a late night snacker? I am. Perhaps it is because I am busy all day, than run errands in the evening, leaving little time for eating, that dinner does not seem to fill me up. 
When 9 pm rolls around I usually feel that I need to eat something. It is really way too late to eat, since 3 hours before bedtime we should stop, but if I get too hungry there is no way I can sleep.

What we snack on is important. It is best to avoid foods that are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. Veggies and fruits digest quickly and are filling, especially when combined with a bit of hummus or almond butter. 

Since kitchen is not a place where I want to spend a lot of time, I came up with a few snacks that I enjoy and are very easy and quick to prepare. I hope you will find the ideas helpful.

Remember to drink a glass of water before eating as it helps us to feel full faster.

Air popped popcorn. Ready in no time.

Hardboiled eggs with chives. I usually have a few hard boiled eggs in the fridge, so they can be easily added to salads or used as a snack.

Guacamole with corn chips. This girl needs her chips! Guacamole takes a bit of work but I am willing to spare a few minutes to make this deliciousness.

Hummus with vegetables. Cut up celery, peppers, carrots, cucumbers for a feast or use single vegetable. It is great either way.

Green apples with almond butter.

All these snacks are great to have anytime of the day so I hope you will incorporate them in your diet. Perhaps it is time to say goodbye to muffins and doughnuts.

Let me know what your favorite, healthy snack is.



  1. I don't eat corn and corn products, but I can add to your list my favorites like raw cauliflower and raw white mushrooms. I always have these on hand.

    1. Hello Stardust,
      I like raw cauliflower but must admit that I usually steam or roast it. I guess it just a habit from back home where all the veggies were cooked to death and no one would EVER eat a raw mushroom, even the white one:))

      Thank you for stopping by.


  2. guacamole is the best. ever. i'll always eat that!

    1. Hi Elle,
      I love it too, even in the winter. When out of avocado I make salsa instead.
      Thank you for your comment.